Developments allowing you to spend less time creating and debugging modules. Which ultimately reduces the cost of the entire project.

In my face customer can find not only a programmer, capable of quickly create a website is cheap, but also the project manager, able to carry out the project of creating a site from the design and creation of technical specifications to delivery of the project and implementing it in the scheme of work.

 Typically, the work on the creation of the site is divided into the following stages:

Website designing.

At the stage of designing a site is determined by its structure, the direction, the basic functionality. Prepared the terms of reference for design and soft stuffing site. Do not underestimate the stage of designing the website, since it is at this stage specifies the basic logic of the actions of all the blocks of the site. Mistakes made at the design stage, can significantly slow down the subsequent stages.

After the design phase can be more or less accurate estimate of the future value of the site and the timing of its execution.

Creating a site design.

After the completion of the design site structure and writing of technical tasks, you can continue to create a site design. By the creation of the design is the process of creating graphic (eventually bitmap). Like any other creative process, the design process is difficult to formalize, assessed in terms of time and money.

Design layout can be the same for all pages of the site can have multiple design layouts for different types of pages (for example, the home page, news page, the page product catalog, etc.)

When creating a website, I collaborate with several designers who already have extensive experience in creating designs in a variety of areas, including website design. Also, there is always the opportunity to cooperate with a designer with the customer.

In order to reduce the cost of creating the site, some customers use the ready-made designs from a variety of sources.

Layout design.

After the creation and coordination of the design layout pages that you need to transfer the layout into a format suitable for display browsers. This step can be skipped, if the design layout is taken already laid out the design (it laid out the designer or layout designs downloaded from the library).

The complexity of this step is to "cut" the existing layout into its component parts and then assemble them so that they were separate units, which will then be inserted into the site menu, information blocks, banners and other elements. It is important that after the assembly design displayed correctly in all modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera).

As a result, it turns out layout design template pages with a set of display styles of the various elements of the site and design elements in the form of pictures.

CREATING content management system.

Once a template is imposed pages, it is the turn the program filling site. Software stuffing - these are the mechanisms to ensure that the work of the sections of the site. Software stuffing can be practically absent, then the site is a single page files that are edited manually. Modern websites often running special content management system (CMS -Content Management System), which provides a convenient interface for working with site content. There are many different CMS, free, paid, samopisnyh (developed by individual programmers).

On request, you can develop a site under the control of other systems: Drupal, Joomla and others.

You can also use a separate external modules, for example, to develop a site running CDBTable, as well as a forum to use one of the well-known open source forums: phpBB etc.

Debugging WORK SITE

After completing the modules and configure the site is debugged. More often than not unique modules already debugged and ready to go. The debugging modules need a site that has been modified or designed specifically for the customer. It is also necessary to debug general interaction between different modules of the system and the logic of the site.

Filling the site information.

After completing the basic debugging modules site is ready to be filled with information. Most often during filling information is also active work on setting up certain parts of the site relating to output. After filling the site with information - it is ready for publication on the Internet.

After the publication of the site is recommended that it SEO to ensure proper indexing your site by search engines, and search engines to focus on the keywords that customers are demanding.

At this stage, work on the creation of the site is finished.

All subsequent changes are considered support site.

Creation and support of web sites


Creation and support of web sites


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Search engine optimization:


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