Nothing will please you as high-quality photos instantly that has passed, but it was on so many wonderful that he would like to repeat once again, even if only in his memoirs. Pledge of memories - high-quality images that can be viewed by, show your friends and acquaintances.

Pursuing photography since 2001, I participated in the filming of various events. I have experience in:

of filming weddings,
shooting of concerts in various halls of the city of Saratov,
protocol shooting of official events, including shooting in the Saratov Region Government,
shooting sports (from extreme sports to weightlifting)
and sequential shooting outdoors and indoors.
For examples of my work you can see on the photos page of the site by Yandex. If necessary, I can give more examples of the genre pictures of interest and destinations.

By raising their own qualifications and technical equipment, I help people leave the warmest memories of significant events. Treat yourself to a celebration not only good, but also high-quality memories of him.


Any professional photographer has two distinctive features:


1. The first is the unique handwriting of the author, whose works are often easy to recognize among many. It’s only the professional who over the years does not separate from the camera and squeezes out more than the maximum available in advanced settings. Thousands of shots take him to the world of the pros, where photography becomes a matter of life and the main source of income.

2. The second is the ability to clearly organize the shooting process: choose a place where a photo session will take place in Moscow, stylists, clothes, perform professional photography and process the footage properly. At the same time, the pictures from the camera and the final result of the work of a first-class photographer can differ drastically. After all, he does not just create images, but breathes life into them.

You should choose me because I:

· An experienced and professional photographer;

· I make photo albums that never gather dust on the shelves;

· I find the most amazing places for a photo shoot in Moscow;

· Impeccably choose and put on the light;

· I pay attention to every nuance;

· Create unique images;

· I give a lot of impressions and smiles;

· I carry out every order with full dedication.


By ordering a photo session from me, you get a professional approach and exceptional, unique photos. You will feel great before shooting, during and after it. I will give you only pleasant and friendly communication, which will allow you to open up, and I will find the only feature that distinguishes you in this world.

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